essència is the first album by the Ad Libitum Chamber Choir. This work, recorded in April 2019 in the Alfons El Magnànim room of the La Beneficència Cultural Center (Valencia), offers the possibility of appreciating a varied program, which includes the most important and representative works of the choir. In it we find pieces of different styles, periods and composers. From Monteverdi and Tomás Luis de Victoria to composers of the current scene; some of them Spanish, such as Rafael Sánchez Mombiedro, Albert Alcaraz and Eva Ugalde.

Inside the booklet we find the text of each piece with its translation and some images of the choir members, as well as quotes written by themselves about each work. These brief quotes express the relationship they have with Ad Libitum and what the piece in question means to them. It is an original and authentic format, which allows the listener to understand what he is listening to and approach choral music in a different, much closer and more personal way.

The CD includes the following pieces:

  1. O vos omnes de Tomás Luis de Victoria
  2. Ave Maria, a 8 de Tomás Luis de Victoria
  3. Zefiro torna, e’l bel tempo rimena de Claudio Monteverdi
  4. Hear My Prayer, O Lord de Sven-David Sandström
  5. Canción de la Noche en el Mar de Rafael Sánchez Mombiedro
  6. Ubi caritas de Ola Gjeilo
  7. Te Llevaré… de Albert Alcaraz
  8. Las Sirenas de Eva Ugalde
  9. Ave Maria: Angelus Domini de Franz Biebl
  10. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine de Eric Whitacre
  11. O nata lux de Vytautas Miškinis
  12. Cançó de bressol de Rafael Sánchez Mombiedro
  13. Al Compás de Habanera de Evaristo Pérez García
  14. Xivarri songs: I. Descans de Albert Alcaraz
  15. Xivarri songs: II. Xivarri de Albert Alcaraz
  16. Xivarri songs: III. Alegria al bon Jesuset de Albert Alcaraz

The CD is physically available at the Escola Coral Veus Juntes in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) and on the following digital platforms:

Una Amable, una Trista, una Petita Pàtria - Pau Alabajos

In 2011, the Ad Libitum Chamber Choir participated in the recording of the album Una Amable, una Trista, una Petita Pàtria by the Valencian singer-songwriter Pau Alabajos, taking part in the song Fosses del Silenci.

Listen on Spotify: